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Claim Your Roots’ mission is to empower and educate females with textured hair through a virtual hair care platform.

“HERstory” of the Company

We started Claim Your Roots with the goal to empower women and girls by teaching them the basics of caring for their curly or naturally-textured hair. Through countless hours of networking and researching, it became apparent how underrepresented and underserved the Natural and Textured Hair Community was. We saw ourselves in young girls who felt proud of their curls but struggled to find support in managing it as well as in older girls and women who chose to embrace their natural textures but didn’t know where to begin. The need is coupled with our passion for bringing this essential service to others brought about the creation of Claim Your Roots! 

At Claim Your Roots, our goal is to set intentions with you because we know that varied challenges, lifestyles, and finances all play a role in your hair routine.

We’ve partnered with licensed hair professionals to help create individualized plans from the comfort of your home. We are so glad you’re here and hope you find and feel a sense of community straight from our family’s hearts and homes to yours. 


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- Brenna&Kinsey

Our Story

Hi! We’re Kinsey and Brenna, sisters first and founders of Claim Your Roots. Claim Your Roots was born as a labor of love from our own hair journeys. Growing up in a bi-racial household in the 90s, we weren’t given the tools or knowledge to manage our textured hair. As we moved around for college and careers, we struggled to maintain salon visits and healthy hair care and utilized our straighteners into our mid to late twenties. Our challenges were brought to the surface with the birth of Brenna’s daughter in 2019 and the global pandemic in 2020. We were faced with dilemmas of discovering the best ways to manage our natural texture and to instill healthy hair habits for the next generation.

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Like many, we made significant career moves during the quarantine period of 2020. With Kinsey’s degree in Communications and background in community-building and service and Brenna’s degree in Psychology and work as a Licensed Therapist, we came together to use our skills and pursue a revisited passion. Our journey led us to develop a business that focused on female empowerment and healthy habits and we’ll continue working hard to build the community we wished we had as young girls. 

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CYR works with you to help support resilience in your hair journey. Everyone measures resilience and success in different ways. We set intentions with you to achieve your individual #HairGoals, despite setbacks.

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CYR was founded on the belief that people deserve equal opportunities. Our reason for creating a space where our community, the majority of which are females of color, gain access to hair education through a virtual platform stemmed from the inequity we saw in the industry.

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CYR centers around the stories that our community brings to the space. Our members grow through conversation about how our hair relates to identity, lifestyle, relationships, and physical and emotional health.

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We prioritize your needs and are always seeking feedback on how to serve you best. Our goal is to have our customers feel valued and successful on their hair journey.

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